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Forum on cascading the outcomes of meetings of the ASEAN Community Statistical System Committee and other ASEAN bodies

In the morning, October 31, 2018, in Hanoi, the General Statistics Office (GSO) in coordination with the ASEAN Statistics Division (ASEANstats) and the EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project (EU-ASEAN Capacity Building Project for Monitoring Integration Progress and Statistics) held the forum on cascading the outcomes of meetings of the ASEAN Community Statistical System Committee and other ASEAN bodies. Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy Director General of GSO and Mr. Anang Laksono, Senior Statistical Officer of ASEANstats co-chaired the forum.  Attending the forum were Mr. Yannick Bineau, Team Leader of EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project; Mr. Romulo A. Virola, Former Secretary General of National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines, the expert of the EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project; representatives of leadership and staffs of units under the GSO; representatives of Ministries, line-ministries, the Faculty of Statistics (National Economics University of Viet Nam), international organizations and press agencies.

During the forum, participants watched the video introducing the images of the ASEANCommunity Statistical System (ACSS) and heard five presentations including: (1) Introduction of the ACSS’s history and important events; (2) Vietnam’s Scheme on ASEAN Statistical Integration: Main contents and results of implementation; (3) Introduction of the activities of the EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project; (4) Introduction of the ASEAN Statistical Indicators System; (5) How to disseminate the activities of the ACSS. The ACSS has always endeavored to strengthen and improve the framework, institutions, build the capacity, harmonize the data at the regional level and also at national statistical levels to better meet the needs of information users. Viet Nam, as an ASEAN Member State, has been active, self-motivated and responsible together with other member states building a strong ASEAN Community, strengthening relations with partners, maintaining and consolidating the important role of ASEAN. The development and implementation of the ASEAN Statistical Integration Scheme for the period 2016-2020 is an important step for the Viet Nam Statistics to strengthen the integration and expand the international cooperation in the field of statistics, fulfill the commitments contributing to enhance the prestige of the Viet Nam Statistics, narrow the gap with developed countries in the region on statistics.

In the discussion session of the forum, there were more than 10 turns of contributing ideas from Ministries, line-ministries mainly focusing on the effectiveness of the EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project and enhancement of the connection between sectorial statistics and the GSO. The forum is a good chance to share the information about the ACSS, ASEANstats as well as the efforts of Viet Nam Statistics in the progress of integration into regional statistics.

Some images of the forum:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy Director General of GSO, delivered a opening speech at the forum
Representative of ASEANstats, Mr. Anang Laksono, Senior Statistical Officer, had a opening speech at the forum
Chairpersons of the forum
Overview of the forum
Participants took commemorative photos

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